Clinical practice


Completed  his Pharm.D. University of Southern Ca. 1977  then undertook a one year residency in psychiatric pharmacy practice. Completed  a Master of Science in psychology 1999, Ph.D in psychology 2009, and licensed in psychology  2012.

Scholarly Activities

 During his 10 year tenure  as a professor in psychiatric pharmacy practice  at USC he published in psychiatric journals  and authored a book entitled Reaction to Psychiatric Medication. After leaving  USC he developed  PsyMed Service and was founding editor  of the national newsletter Psychopharmacology Update.

Clinical Practice

His current interest is in the treatment depression, substance abuse, generalized anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar illness and geriatric psychopharmacology. Emphasis is on cognitive approaches, mindfulness and an integrative approach to mental health, medicine, and lifestyle.